Family & Matrimonial

When relationships break down there are often issues
to resolve at what is inevitably a sensitive time.

Support is required which can deal with those issues in a practical realistic way whether it is a temporary breakdown or a full divorce with the attendant financial settlement and matters relating to children. Our approach to family law is sympathetic and conciliatory where necessary but practical and focused being ever mindful of the costs involved.

Divorce and Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

The breakdown of a relationship is difficult enough without being caught up in legal jargon. We therefore aim to provide clear and practical advice in relation to your separation, the necessary financial settlement and the arrangements for the children.

Financial Arrangements

The financial aspects of divorce and separation have changed considerably in recent years and continue to do so, not least as regards pensions and ongoing financial support particularly for children. We understand that the breakdown of a marriage or Civil Partnership is often difficult. We would however say that the financial aspect of a separation should be resolved as swiftly as possible to provide certainty and security for all involved. Jolliffes have a wealth of experience in resolving financial matters for individuals, including those with complex assets high net worth assets, agricultural and business assets and assets overseas. It is essential that professional advice is sought from the outset to ensure that you are not at a disadvantage.

Unmarried Couples

Not all relationships involve marriage. Many people choose to live together rather than marry for a variety of reasons. There are however similar issues involved in such relationships when they breakdown as exist with marriages. In some respects they are more complex as the law in such circumstances is not as clearly defined. All the more important therefore to take advice as to the financial implications at the outset if possible or certainly at breakdown.

Arrangements for Children

Clearly, the children will be the primary concern for separating couples. Unfortunately, parents cannot always agree the living arrangements for the children, how often each parent should spend time with the children and the holiday arrangements. Often other disputes arise in relation to children’s education, religion and medical treatment.
Highly skilled and experienced in dealing with issues arising in relation to the arrangements for children, we will attempt to resolve disputes quickly and practically with the best interest of the children in mind. We also regularly advise parents in relation to the children relocating with a parent with in the UK or internationally. Such issues can be very complicated and we would suggest that those parents facing such issues seek advice as early as possible.
On occasion, it will not be possible to resolve the issues in relation to the children without the Family Court’s intervention. If Court proceedings are necessary we shall guide you through the process and will do our upmost to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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