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The Importance Of A Shareholders Agreement
February 2021

Having a shareholders’ agreement can help ensure your business is well run and maintains clear lines of communication between the shareholders

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What Is A Lasting Power Of Attorney?
January 2021

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a form which you can complete to allow one or more people (your attorneys) to make decisions on your behalf.

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How To Prepare Your Business For Sale
January 2021

It can take a while to plan a business sale effectively, but it is advisable to consider an exit strategy as far ahead as possible – even several years in some cases. This helps you to define who the ideal buyer would be, and take practical steps to make your business as attractive as possible to potential purchasers.

One of the fundamental aspects of your business sale is the reason why you are selling. This is often something onlookers will first wonder. If you can’t clearly articulate this, you may arouse suspicion in prospective buyers that there is something to hide.

There are also some other key things to consider before putting your business on the market

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Data Protection At The End Of The Transition Period – Is Your Business Prepared?
December 2020

The Brexit transition period ends on 31 December, which means that from then the UK will no longer be treated as part of the EU for data protection purposes. In this article we look at the key data protection compliance implications for businesses.

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Is your business prepared for a No-Deal Brexit?
November 2020

Talks between Britain and the EU on a trade deal are still ongoing, with both sides saying the other needed to compromise.

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