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In these new and challenging times, following the government imposed lockdown, many people find they have a new work ‘colleague’ in the form of their husband, wife or partner. For some this may mean their relationship becomes stronger, prompting discussion about the next steps the couple may take for example choosing to live together on a permanent basis where a Cohabitation Agreement may be helpful or marriage may be on the cards and thought will need to be given to the possible need for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement.

For others, this period of lockdown may not prove to be such a happy time. Couples who are finding themselves in the enforced position of working from home together may be sharing the use of a family computer. The sharing of the computer and Apple devices often being linked together means that one party to the relationship discovers something which may call into question the strength of their relationship. It is common for linked Apple products to be a way in which an improper relationship is discovered.

Time together at home for those in an abusive relationship will be extremely challenging. Women’s Aid have put together a guide for survivors who find themselves in difficulty and this can be found by following this link

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