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By April 27, 2020May 23rd, 2023No Comments

As featured in WCNW Chamber Of Commerce: The outbreak of Covid-19 has unfortunately led to many businesses becoming involved in contractual disputes with customers, suppliers and/or third parties.

Businesses and end users may not have considered such an unusual event at the time of entering into a contract,  so the parties may now be in a difficult and uncertain position with no immediate or straight forward answer to an issue or dispute.

Drafting your terms and conditions in such a way  to try  to best prepare for such circumstances may greatly benefit your business in the future. That’s why Jolliffes, a commercial firm of solicitors in Chester, are offering a helping hand to businesses.

Jolliffes will offer a free initial review of your Ts&Cs, followed by  a brief email and follow up phone call with their main recommendations for improvement as well as a discussion for effectively implementing the changes  to try to ensure that your Ts&Cs govern each and every contract you enter into.

Simon Williams, head of commercial at Jolliffes, said “This is a very worrying time for SMEs, so making sure your contractual Ts&Cs are water-tight will give you some peace of mind to know you’re protected as best as possible”

Jolliffes can also help if you have  become involved in a contractual dispute due to the effects of Covid-19. They can offer a free initial review of your position, followed by a brief call with advice on how you may want to move forwards with the dispute.

Stewart Burrows, head of Litigation at Jolliffes, said “Many businesses have found themselves  in contractual disputes due to the current crisis. If you’re one of them, our free bit of advice might just help you get through it”

If your business would welcome this support, you can get in touch with Jolliffes here.