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Money troubles can be exacerbated with Christmas presents to buy and hospitality to fund.  This is doubly difficult if in a relationship one party is a spender and the other a saver.

Time together might also lead you to conclude that time apart might be the better option especially if an extended family get together forces you to look at your current happiness and possibly your different values and parenting styles.

Early Specialist Family Law advice is essential if you are considering embarking on a substantial change in your personal circumstances.  It is so important that you have advice on the implications of separation and/or potentially divorce.  Such advice might steer you down a different path, even if you have made the decision to go separate ways.

There are many more options available to Family Law clients these days.  This might be mediation, collaborative law, a round the table forum and/or professional family counselling.

The choice can be confusing, and a wrong step might set the pace for future difficulties in negotiation be it on money or your children.

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