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The change in law to “no fault” divorce came after years of campaigning, allowing either or both parties to commence divorce proceedings in reliance on the fact that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. A year on, our expert Divorce & Family Law solicitors share their thoughts.

Sam Ishaq Forsyth, a solicitor in the Divorce & Family Law team at Jolliffes, commented that,

“The blame game has been taken out divorce for many couples. This, together with the fact that the divorce application can now be made online, has meant that the divorce process is often smoother now. That’s not to say that divorce is “easy” or that you can get a “quickie” divorce though. People still need to reflect long and hard before making the decision to divorce.”

Surprisingly though, the number of couples making an application jointly is relatively low. Most individuals still choose to make a separate application. That being said, our expert Divorce & Family Law solicitors expect that more people may choose to make a joint application in the future, once the concept is more widely understood, given that it is still a relatively new change.


Do I need a solicitor to get a divorce?

Whilst the application process has been made less heated, there is still risk in making an application for divorce yourself. The application for divorce only deals with the dissolution of the marriage, it does not deal with the separation of finances. At Jolliffes, we utilise the 20 weeks from the date you applied for your divorce or dissolution to the date for applying for your conditional order to encourage negotiations for a financial settlement.

Marie Proud, partner and head of Divorce & Family Law at Jolliffes, said that,

“Even where people are able to resolve their finances directly, the terms they have agreed should be noted in a consent order which, subject to approval by a Judge, will become a court order that must be followed. This would hopefully include provisions for a “clean break”, giving people the peace of mind that their former spouse cannot reappear in the future with further financial claims against them.”


How we can help

At Jolliffes, we deal with divorce applications on a fixed fee basis. We can then deal with financial matters on a competitive hourly rate basis. Where possible, we alsoencourage people to reach a settlement without Court involvement, hopefully keeping costs lower too.

We are conscious that divorce and separation can be a very worrying time for many and this usually has an emotional impact on those going through the process. Our Divorce & Family Law solicitors are not only experts providing legal advice, but they are also personal support. Working with you with empathy and understanding to help you through a difficult and often unsettling period of your life.


Need help?

If you would like advice on divorce or the breakdown of your marriage or civil partnership, speak to one of our specialist Divorce & Family Law solicitors on 01244 310022 or at