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We find ourselves in difficult times as a country and the government’s decision to place the UK into lockdown has thrown up questions surrounding children of separated parents. Here are some frequently asked questions we have received to assist you: –

Can my child spend time with their other parent during the lockdown?

Yes. The current government guidance states that if your child is under the age of 18, and you have a formal or informal agreement with the other parent regarding time they spend together, they are able to travel to spend time with the other parent and to return home.

Advice regarding washing of hands when moving to and from homes should be adhered to and all other necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

Should current contact arrangements be stuck to or should they be varied?

Current contact arrangements, informal or court ordered, should be adhered to in order to provide certainty for children and continued routine. The arrangements should not be varied unless by agreement or if a member of the household becomes unwell.

What if my child or a member of the household they are in becomes unwell with symptoms of Covid-19?

If any member of a household becomes unwell, showing signs of Covid-19, the entire household must self-isolate for the duration of the time set out in NHS and government guidelines. Care should be taken to check current guidelines on the first day of self-isolation.

When will normal contact resume?

Normal contact should resume at the end of the self-isolation period.

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